Dear Tenant/Resident,

I am writing to you to provide you with an update on the level of current service delivery we are providing in light of the ongoing situation with COVID 19.


Staff Availability


Our offices are now closed to the public and the majority of our staff are working from home. However, we can be contacted during normal office hours on our direct lines and a list of staff and direct numbers is attached.


Service Delivery




Due to current government advice and depleting contractor resources, we are now operating an emergency repairs service only. Should you have an emergency repair during normal office hours, please contact Mary Dunsmore or Jacqueline Paterson on the numbers provided.


Should you have an emergency repair out-with normal office hours, please contact City Building on 0800 595 595. For Heating and Hot Water Emergencies out-with normal office hours, please contact 01294 468 113


Emergency Repairs include things such as:


• No Toilet Facilities


• No wash facilities

• Water penetration damaging electrical fittings

• Isolation of dangerous/faulty electrical items

• FULL Central Heating breakdowns (Electrical or Gas)

• Serious Concern for tenants/ occupants welfare

When you contact us about your emergency repair we (or our Contractor) will ask you some questions about your current situation and whether you are self-isolating so that we can understand how best to protect you and your family, as well as the member of staff that attends your home.


The questions may include:


• Have you had contact with anyone who may be infected with the Coronavirus



• Do you have any of these symptoms- cough, fever or shortness of breath?

Please be patient with us while we ask these questions. These are required to protect the health and wellbeing of you, our staff and our contractors, which is essential in allowing us to maintain services. If it is deemed essential that a member of staff does attend your home, they will:


• Ask some further questions at the front door before entering the property


• Distance themselves by at least two metres from anyone in the property

• Avoid touching surfaces where possible

• Wear protective gloves and other additional protection equipment where necessary

• Ask you if they can wash their hands before and after the visit, if you are happy for them to do so


We kindly ask you to minimise interaction with our tradespeople as they carry out work in your home. To keep our colleagues safe, we would ask that you stand at least two metres away from our colleagues where you can. All tradespeople will be wearing identification when they visit your home. Please check this and once you are satisfied, leave our tradespeople to carry out their work. Upon completion of the job, the tradespeople will advise you they have finished and are leaving, and they will see themselves out. By following these steps, we want to reassure you that there is a low risk of infection from a home visit by a staff member.

Gas Servicing


Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, our Contractor, James Frew (Gas Sure) notified us on 24th March that they have taken the decision to suspend gas servicing for the current 3-week restricted movement period.

If your current safety certificate is about to expire, you will be contacted separately by us with appropriate advice.


Ongoing Development- Glenbarr Street


All construction works have been placed on hold and the Contractor has implemented all required security measures. Should you have any issues relating to the site, please contact Jacqueline Paterson or Mary Dunsmore to report these and we will take any necessary action



Allocations have been suspended from 24/03/20 as we are unable to carry out the required safety checks prior to reletting homes. We will recommence allocations as soon as we possibly can.

Rent Payments


If you need any help or advice with your rent account or if you are worried about a change in circumstances, due to loss of earnings, please contact your housing officer (contact details attached).

We can also assist with income maximisation and tenancy sustainment issues. It is important you keep in touch with us if you are experiencing problems. Please note that the government has announced emergency legislation to suspend new evictions from social or private rented accommodation during the coronavirus crisis.


If you are worried about the short-term impact of COVID-19 on your employment then you can contact the PACE helpline on 0800 917 8000.

Further advice can also be found on the Money Advice Service website:­-you


Should you find yourself with no income due the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), if you do not already claim benefits, you may be eligible to apply for Universal Credit to help you pay your rent. You can find out more about Universal Credit and eligibility:


There is also further information for people affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19), including information about eligibility for Statutory Sick Pay on the UK Government website:­


If you currently pay your rent in cash, we would ask that you consider making alternative arrangements in the meantime e.g. card payments or online payments.


Money Advice/Financial Capability Advice


Money Advice and Financial Capability Services


Our money advice and financial capability services continue to operate, albeit remotely via telephone. If you require assistance, please contact us and we will arrange a referral for you. We realise that this is a very concerning time for all residents within our community and we are here to help as much as we possibly can.


We recently contacted all or our residents who are over 70 or have underlying health conditions to determine what assistance they may require and we will continue to be in touch with those residents throughout the coming weeks.


We also sent a leaflet to all residents within our community asking if anyone requires any assistance whether this be with shopping; medication; gas/electricity or mobile phone top ups etc. We have had a good response to this, particularly from people wishing to volunteer to help and we are extremely grateful to them. A member of staff either from the Association or one of our partner agencies will be in touch with you in the near future.


If you have not been contacted by us and would like to speak to any of our staff, please use the numbers on the attached sheet.


Wishing you all the very best during these trying times. Yours sincerely,



Fiona Murphy



You can contact our staff below on their email address or telephone numbers;

Adele McGarth Housing Officer Direct Line 0141 559 5647


Jacqueline Paterson Maintenance Officer

Direct Line 0141 559 5640


Paul Rocks Maintenance Officer Direct Line 0141 559 5642


Mary Dunsmore Maintenance/Admin Assistant Direct Line 0141 552 7477


Lesley Burrows Housing Officer Direct Line 0141 559 5646


Margaret Clowes Housing Officer Direct Line 0141 559 5645


Stephen Hughes Housing Assistant Direct Line 0141 559 5649


Gillian Spence Corporate Governance Officer Direct Line 0141 559 5644


Alistair MacPhee Finance Assistant Direct Line 0141 559 5641


Roddy Forrest Customer Services Assistant Direct Line 0141 552 7928

Spire View Housing Association is registered under Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1965: Reg No. 2295R(S)
Registered with the Scottish Government No. HAC136
Scottish Registered Charity No. SC033266

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