Dear Resident,


I am writing to provide you with an update on the level of service delivery being provided in light of the ongoing situation with COVID 19.  As you can appreciate, this situation changes daily and this letter intends to provide you with the most up to date position.


Staff Availability

Some staff continue to work from home.  Other staff work from the office at different times (albeit behind closed doors) to carry out those duties which cannot be done at home and to ensure that we continue to provide a service to our residents and potential tenants.  Staff can be contacted on their direct numbers provided at the end of this letter.


Service Delivery



Our previous positon was that we were providing an emergency repairs service only.  Over the past couple of weeks, we have been working with our Contractors to provide as full a service as possible for repairs.  Therefore, we are now able to carry out other repairs which can be done safely, i.e. those that can be completed whilst adhering to social distancing and those that do not require complex materials or plant hire.


Therefore, please continue to contact us if you have any repairs issues and we will make every attempt to complete this for you.


The numbers to call are as detailed below:


During normal office hours:                               Mary Dunsmore (0141 559 6770)

                                                                           Jacqueline Paterson (0141 559 5640)


Out-with office hours:                                        City Building (0800 595 595)

Heating & Hot Water out-with office hours:       James Frew (Gas Sure) – 01294 468 113


Gas Servicing

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the legal obligation for us as your landlord to carry out an Annual Gas Service.  We are working with our Contractor to continue to operate this service and your co-operation in providing access will be appreciated.  We appreciate you may be concerned about providing access at this time.  However, we would like to assure you that our Contractor is well aware of the necessary precautions required to ensure these can be carried out safely.


This service is done to ensure the ongoing safety of yourself and the residents around you and therefore it would be really appreciated if you could provide access to allow us to do so.


Grass Cutting

At this time, this service is suspended.  However, we are working to get arrangements in place as soon as possible.  Meantime, we would remind all tenants with gardens of their responsibility to maintain their gardens and driveways etc.


Close Cleaning

Tenants will recall the consultation that was carried out recently to ask if tenants would like the Association to commence a close cleaning service and the outcome of the consultation was a resounding “yes”.  Therefore, we progressed to tender for this service and I am pleased to advise that we are now in the process of appointing the successful contractor.  This process may take a few weeks due to procurement regulations.  However, we will work to get this in place as soon as possible.  Meantime, we would encourage tenants to continue to carry out their close cleaning duties as per the agreed rotas.


Vermin Control

Please continue to report any issues with vermin or pests that you are experiencing as our Contractor continues to provide this service.


Refuse/Bulk Uplifts

The service from Glasgow City Council is still suspended.  However, we will continue to arrange weekly uplifts as required.


Ongoing Development – Glenbarr Street

The site continues to be closed.  Should you have any concerns about the site please contact the main office number to discuss.



We are delighted to advise that following revised guidance from the Scottish Government, we have recommenced the allocation process for our void properties.  If you have any questions regarding allocations, please contact one of our Housing Officers who will be happy to discuss this.


Rent Payments

If you need any help or advice with your rent account, or if you are worried about a change in circumstances, due to loss of earnings, please contact your Housing Officer who will be able to offer advice or arrange a referral for you to one of our Money Advisers or Financial Capability Officer.


Money Advice/Financial Capability Advice

Our Money Advice and Financial Capability Services continue to operate, albeit remotely via telephone. If you require assistance, please contact us and we will arrange a referral for you.


Royston Coronavirus Response Group

The group continues to operate and is working tirelessly to ensure that we get food parcels/hot meals and supplies to those that need them.  At the moment, we are delivering over 200 food parcels and 175 hot meals every week.


We continue to contact all of our residents who are over 70 or have underlying health conditions on a weekly basis to determine what assistance they may require.  If you have not been contacted by us and would like to speak to any of our staff, please contact us on the direct dial numbers below or contact our team at the Roystonhill Community Hub on 0141 212 7386 or email at


We realise that this is a very concerning time for all residents within our community and we are here to help as much as we possibly can.


Wishing you all the very best during these trying times. 


Yours sincerely,

 Fiona Murphy



Staff Member

Job Title

Direct Line

Fiona Murphy


0141 559 5648

Mags Brownlie

Depute Director

0141 559 5643

Donna Richardson

Housing Manager

0141 559 6773

Adele McGarth

Housing Officer

0141 559 5647

Jacqueline Paterson

Maintenance Officer

0141 559 5640

Paul Rocks

Maintenance Officer

0141 559 5642

Mary Dunsmore

Maintenance Assistant

0141 559 6770

Lesley Burrows

Housing Officer

0141 559 5646

Margaret Clowes

Housing Officer

0141 559 5645

Stephen Hughes

Housing Assistant

0141 559 5649

Gillian Spence

Corporate Services Officer

0141 559 5644

Alistair MacPhee

Finance Assistant

0141 559 5641

Roddy Forrest

Customer Services Assistant

0141 552 7928


Spire View Housing Association is registered under Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1965: Reg No. 2295R(S)
Registered with the Scottish Government No. HAC136
Scottish Registered Charity No. SC033266

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