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Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Spire View Housing Association is taking the necessary steps and precautions to try minimise the risk to our customers and staff. We have taken the decision to close our office to the public from Tuesday 24th March 2020 until further notice. This is in line with recent UK and Scottish Government advice. We will keep you up to date through our websites and social media accounts, please  follow Spire View Housing Association on Facebook or @Spire View HA on Twitter . In the meantime, our staff will still be able to deal with any enquiries you may have via other methods. Full details can be found below.

We would also like to reassure you that tenant and staff wellbeing is our number one priority, which is why we are stepping up measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) following official advice. While our office is closed until further notice, we are working hard to ensure the critical and essential services that make a difference to communities every day continue to operate. We appreciate many of our customers prefer to meet face-to-face with our staff. However, in the interest of protecting staff, tenants and the wider public, we will be limiting face-to-face contact, with only a few exceptions where in person attendance is unavoidable.

While these measures are in place, all contact with staff should be made by email or telephone in the first instance. Whenever direct contact is required, we will take steps to identify whether those we will be meeting are vulnerable to the virus through a series of questions based on the latest UK Government advice. We will then take steps to facilitate direct contact safely for everyone – bearing in mind that some people can be carriers of the virus without showing symptoms. Ultimately, we are dedicated to protecting those most vulnerable from the effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we are working with a wide range of partners to support those most at risk.

Thank you for the time you have taken to read this update. We want to reassure you of our commitment to you as a tenant and customer during this uncertain time.

Staff Contact Details

Fiona Murphy                   Director                              Direct Line 0141 559 5648

Margaret Brownlie         Depute Director    Direct Line 0141 559 5643

Donna Richardson           Housing Manager      Direct Line 0141 552 7928


Adele McGarth                                 Housing Officer             Direct Line 0141 559 5647

Jacqueline Paterson       Maintenance Officer Direct Line 0141 559 5640

Paul Rocks                          Maintenance Officer                     Direct Line 0141 559 5642

Mary Dunsmore               Maintenance/Admin Assistant          Direct Line 0141 552 7477

Lesley Burrows                 Housing Officer            Direct Line 0141 559 5646

Margaret Clowes             Housing Officer        Direct Line 0141 559 5645

Stephen Hughes              Housing Assistant         Direct Line 0141 559 5649

Gillian Spence                  Corporate Governance Officer                              Direct Line 0141 559 5644

Alistair MacPhee             Finance Assistant        Direct Line 0141 559 5641

Roddy Forrest                   Customer Services Assistant                               Direct Line 0141 552 7928


Glasgow City Council announced suspension of bulk uplifts from Friday 20th March 2020. 


All tenants and owners are requested due to the nature of this virus and the need to minimise its spread through the population not to call in at the office, we ask that you contact the Association by telephone, email or text. Please do not call at the office in person unless it is essential. If a member of staff needs to contact you, we will do so by telephone, email or text. You can email the office with your email address.

We are aware that due to the current issues that the country is facing some of our tenants may be experiencing financial hardship, we would encourage all tenants to take advice on this as soon as the matter arises. You can access support from the financial Capability Officer by contacting GEMAP on 0141 773 5850. Alternatively we have detailed a link below that you may find useful.

Rent Payments

Where possible please make your rent payments on line

Useful Website Links

NHS Inform

Health Protection Scotland

Scottish Government  



17th March 2020


Dear Tenant / Service Users




Due to the nature of this virus and the need to minimise its spread through the population we ask that you contact the Association by telephone, email or text in the first instance.  Please do not call at the office in person unless it is essential.  If a member of staff needs to contact you, we will do so by telephone, email or text.  You can email the office with your email address.


Should you contact the office, you will be asked to declare if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating.  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we may need to re-arrange any visit and / or repair once the period of self-isolation is over.


In the event that you need to report an out-of-hours emergency repair our contractors will ask you a similar question.  If the repair is essential our contactors may attend your home but will take necessary precautions to protect themselves. This could include being clothed in suitable Personal Protection Equipment.  Remember you can minimise the spread of the virus by regularly hand washing and cleaning all work surfaces, door handles etc.


I would be grateful if you could inform the Association if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating.


Rent Payments

Where possible please make your rent payments on line


Useful Website Links

NHS Inform

Health Protection Scotland

Scottish Government  


Thank you for your co-operation.



F. Murphy


Fiona Murphy




Make a Stand was launched in June 2018 as part of the then CIH president Alison Inman's presidential appeal to tackle domestic abuse.  It centres around a pledge that CIH have developed in partnership with the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) and the 2018 and 2019 presidential charity Women's Aid. 

Millions of people experience domestic abuse every year, with two women being killed by their partner or ex-partner every week. Housing organisations house and employ millions of people across the UK, and that means we house and employ many thousands of people affected by domestic abuse. 

By signing the pledge Spire View have become part of that collective effort promising to make four focused, but easily deliverable commitments to support those affected by domestic abuse:  

1. Put in place and embed a policy to support residents who are affected by domestic abuse 2. Make information about national and local domestic abuse support services available on your website and in other appropriate places so that they are easily accessible for residents and staff 3. Put in place a HR policy, or amend an existing policy, to support members of staff who may be experiencing domestic abuse 4. Appoint a champion at a senior level in your organisation to won the activity you are doing to support people experiencing domestic abuse 

More information can be found at    

Support Services 

The National Domestic Violence Helpline is a free, confidential helpline run by Women's Aid and Refuge for anyone experiencing domestic abuse and it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

0808 2000 247         

Respect is the UK membership organisation for work with domestic violence perpetrators, male victims of domestic violence and young people's violence in close relationships. 

Helpline for people concerned about their behaviour - 0808 802 4040 

Helpline for men experiencing domestic abuse - 0808 801 0327 

Women's Aid provide a range of information and support on domestic abuse, including support for people experiencing domestic abuse and people who are concerned that others may be.  The organisation has sister federations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The details for Scotland are: 

0800 027 1234      

Women's Aid Glasgow provide: 

 Refuge  Resettlement  Domestic Violence Floating Support  Domestic Violence Outreach  Drop-in  Support Groups  Dedicated Service for Children/Young People  Project Based 

Contact details for Women's Aid Glasgow are: 

0141 553 2022                     

The Refuge and Drop-In Services are available Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4.30pm  

To find information about your local Women's Aid service, check the Women's Aid Domestic Abuse Directory. 

The Scottish Housing Regulator has  published ‘How we regulate: a guide for tenants and service users. This short, summary guide lets people know more about: 


who the regulator is and what they do, what you can expect from your landlord,  how you can find out about your landlord’s performance; and  how to raise a concern about your landlord.  


They have also produced two short videos about who we are and what we do and how to raise a concern about a social landlord.  


They are also working with British Sign Langauge Scotland (BSL) to make a version of the guide for BSL users.  We’ll be launching this soon and will let you know when its available.  


The Scottish Housing Regulator directory holds the details of all social landlords, both Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and local authorities. You can find lots of information here including landlords' contact details, stock profile, annual accounts, landlord reports and our engagements with landlords.

You can easily find any landlord by clicking the link here

We are delighted to present our Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Policy. 

A copy of this has been uploaded to our document/download section of this website or you can access this by clicking here.

We have also published our Guide to information and this can also be accessed at our documents/download section of this website or by clicking here.

Spire View Housing Association is registered under Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1965: Reg No. 2295R(S)
Registered with the Scottish Government No. HAC136
Scottish Registered Charity No. SC033266

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