Our Performance

Spire View Housing Association is a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) and like all RSL's we are regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator, which was established on 1 April 2011 under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010. To find out more about the Scottish Housing Regulator you can check out their website.

Scottish Social Housing Charter

The Scottish Social Housing Charter was introduced in April 2013, and requires all Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) in Scotland to demonstrate how they perform in delivering housing services and other activities against a number of outcomes.

The first report on Spire View’s performance towards achieving the outcomes required by the Charter was produced and issued to our tenants and residents in October 2014 as part of our newsletter. We continue to publish our results in our newsletter each year. You can also compare us with other RSL's by visiting the Scottish Social Housing Charter website.

Annual Report 2015-16
Annual Report 2016-17
Annual Report 2018
Annual Report 2019
Annual Report 2020
Annual Report 2021

Annual Assurance Statement 

From 2019 all social landlords must submit to the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) an Annual Assurance Statement providing assurance that their organisation complies with the relevant requirements of chapter 3 of the Regulatory Framework. This includes regulatory requirements that apply to all social landlords and the Standards of Governance and Financial Management that apply to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs).The Statement should be made and submitted by the RSL’s governing body.  Each landlord should confirm in its Statement its compliance with all of the relevant requirements of section 3 of the Framework. Where a landlord does not fully comply, it should set out in the Statement how and when it will make the necessary improvements to ensure compliance.  These assurance statements require to be submitted annually by the 31 October each year from 2019.

The 2021 Annual Assurance Statement for Spire View was approved at the Committee of Management meeting on 25thOctober 2021, it was then signed and submitted to the Scottish Housing Regulator.   

Complaints Handling

Our Management Committee are all volunteers and value feedback from our customers both positive and negative. Customer feedback helps our Committee ensure that they are managing an organisation that is meeting the needs of their tenants and other customers.

The committee recognise that from time to time things can go wrong and customers may wish to complain about our service. Our new complaints handling procedure has been in place for just over a year and aims to make it easy for our customers to have their concerns resolved quickly. A guide to our complaints procedure is available to download in our documents section, or can be picked up at the office or if you wish we can send one out by post. 

Complaints Handling Complaint Handling Procedure