Your Responsibilities as a Tenant

As a tenant you are responsible for the interior of your home: 

  • Tenants should keep the interior in a good and clean condition and have a reasonable level of decoration. 
  • Cleanliness of the common - The association will clean the close once per week. However, tenants are expected to maintain the close in good order at other times. 
  • Cleanliness of back court areas, bin stores, drying greens etc. - Tenants should keep these areas in good order. You should report any issues to the Association as soon as possible. please do not voerflow bins and allow them to spill over. 
  • Tenants must report timeously, all defects or repairs, including those caused by accidental damage or as a result of vandalism
  • Tenants must provide access to the association staff or contractors on request. The association will provide at least 24 hours notice of access being required with the exception of emergencies when you will be required to provide access as soon as possible.