Repair Response Time

Response time for our different repair services are detailed below. 

  • Emergency Repairs - A repair which, if left unattended, is likely to cause harm to a person or substantial damage to the property e.g. no heating or hot water, burst pipes, loss of electrical power, damaged/ broken glazing.

Our response time for emergency repairs is 4 hours. 

  • Urgent repairs - Repairs that may cause inconvenience for tenants but are unlikely to cause further damage to the property or cause injury or harm if dealt with within the response time set. 

Our response time for urgent repairs is 4 hours. 

  • Routine Repairs - This is the category where most other day to day repairs are placed. This may be causing minor inconvenience but if dealt within the appropriate response time will not cause any further deterioration or harm. 

Our response time for routine repairs is 5 days. 

From time to time, we come across more complex repairs which may take longer to complete as sometimes further investigation or specialist trades are required. If this is the case for a repair you have reported, you will be kept updated throughout the process.