Emergency Repairs

What is an emergency repair?
An emergency repair is one which, if left unattended, is likely to cause harm to a person or substantial damage to the property e.g. no heating or hot water, burst pipes, loss of electrical power, damaged/ broken glazing. 

If you have an emergency repair that occurs during normal office opening hours, you can report this in a number of ways: 

Our normal office opening hours are: 

Mon-Thurs: 09:00am - 05:00pm 
Friday: 09:00am - 03:30pm

Emergency repairs occuring outside normal office working hours i.e. in the evenings, weekends and public holidays, should be reported using the emergency numbers: 

For gas and central heating reapirs: Gas Sure (James Frew) - 01294 468 113

Central emergency repairs: City Building - 0800 595 595

Other Types of Emergency Repairs

Gas Leaks

Conact the National Grid on 0800 111 999

  • Open windows or leave the propety if possible until emergency assistance arrives.
  • If you know where your Emergency Control Valve for your gas supply is and are comfortable diong so, we would recommend that you turn the valve to the off position.
  • Do not light a cigarette or other naked flame; Do not switch any electrical switches on or off.

Power Cuts

Contact Scottish Power on 0845 27 27 111.

Loss of Water Supply

Contact Scottish Water on 0800 0778 778.