Tenant Alterations

We recognise that tenants sometimes which to make alterations to their homes. However, this cannot be done without written approval from Spire View beforehand. 

Section 28 of The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 states that "the tenant is not to carry out work, other than internal decoration, in relation to the house without the consent in writing of the landlord, which must not be reasonably withheld."

This is outlined in the Tenancy Agreement that all tenants are required to sign on taking up a tenancy with the Association. 

We have a duty to ensure, as far as reasonably possible, that any alterations carried out by tenants conform with all relevant Planning and Building Technical Standards regulation. in addition the Association must be satisfied that any proposed alterations will not adversely affect the property, neighbouring properties or tenants. 

Therefore, tenants wishing to carry out improvements (other than interior decoartion) are required to make a written application to the Association by completing Spire Views application form for proposed alterations/ improvements. A copy of this and all other information relating to the Alterations process are contained within our Tenant Alterations Policy within the Documents Section

If you wish to carry out improvements you can fill in our online 'Tenant Alteration' form, found at the right hand side of this page.

Tenant Alterations Form

Do the works or any part of require a building warrant or planning permission? If so then this documentation must be provided before permission will be given for works to proceed. A completion certificate will then be obtained and produced on completion of the works. ( required )
Are the persons carrying out the alterations qualified to do so? ( required )
If any of the alterations will involve gas service or appliances, will a gas Safe registered Engineer carry these out? ( required )
Will qualified electricians carry out any electrical alterations? ( required )
Do the proposed alterations comply with all the requirements of Spire View Housing Associations Tenant Alterations Policy, particularly those relating to section 2.4? ( required )
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