Estate Management

Association staff carry out regular estate inspections to identify any issues of concern.  When out and about, they are checking all areas, including bin stores, gardens, closes, pathways and the general upkeep of the estate.  Appropriate action will be taken following these inspections and this could involve liaison with the Local Authority, progressing any remedial works identified or having individual discussions with tenants where appropriate.

We would also encourage all residents to report any issues of concern that you may have.

The Association provides a Ground Maintenance and Close Cleaning service. However, in addition to providing these services, we also encourage tenants to take care of their gardens and closes on an ongoing basis as outlined within your tenancy agreement.

Every year, around August/September, we run a gardening competition for all of the budding gardeners and from what we see, there are many of you!  Winners are awarded prizes for their hard work and effort and the best gardens will be identified by considering the following:

  • Is the grass neat and tidy?
  • Is the garden, pathways and driveways litter and weed free?
  • The quality of the planting and general appearance and the contribution this makes to transforming your community