Pay your rent

How To Pay Rent                                                                                                                    

Rent payable to the association is due monthly in arrears, i.e. payment is due at the end of the month for the month that has passed. Rent is due on or before the 28th of each month and can be paid:

    The Post Office

    You can pay your rent at any Post Office using the rent card provided. You can also use your rent card to pay your rent at any shop with displays a “PayPoint” sign. There is no fee for using this service.

    Direct Debit

    Forms are available at the link below, or you can contact the office and we can help set up your direct debit over the phone. You can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly.

    Debit Card

    Call us on 0141 552 7928, or pop into the office, with your debit card details and we will take a payment from you.

    Standing Order

    You can pay your rent by standing order from a bank account. Forms are available at the link below or alternatively contact the office. You can pay weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly.

    Housing Benefit

    If housing benefit pays part of your rent, you should pay the remainder using one of the other methods described above.


    Please ensure you have your tenant reference number at hand before proceeding. You will need to register your details on the website before you use this method. To pay online go to the website and register with the long card number on your rent card. Once registered, you simply log in every time you want to make a payment with your debit card.

    AllPay App

    You can download the AllPay app, register and pay using your smart phone and debit card.


    To pay over the phone, call us on 0141 552 7928, where we can take your payment by debit card. Out with office hours you can also phone AllPay on 0844 557 8321. You will need your rent card number when calling AllPay.

    Your Rent Account            

    Details of tenants’ rent accounts are held on the association’s computer system. Accounts are updated every day and up to date balances available at all times. Tenants can obtain a rent account statement at any time by contacting the office.

    Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit / Universal Credit 

    We advise tenants to apply for Unversal Credit when first signing their tenancy agreement in order to have your housing costs met if you are on low income.  If you are already in receipt of housing benefit when moving a Spire View Housing Association property you should complete a Change of Circumstances form to move your housing benefit over to your new address. 

    You may also be entitled to help with your Council Tax costs and we would encourage you to apply where applicable. Forms are available from the office and staff are more than happy to help with completing the forms.

    Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit entitlements are calculated by Glasgow City Council Financial Services. You can contact them by phoning 0141 287 5050 or via their website 

    If you want to make a claim at any time, please contact us or Financial Services directly.  If there is any change in your circumstances ie. if you start working, then you must notify Glasgow City Council Financial Services for those in receipt of Housing Benefit and / or Council Tax Benefit or Department for Work & Pensions for those in receipt of Universal Credit immediately.

     If you have any difficulty paying your rent at any time please let us know immediately.  We have access to a fantastic Money Advice Service provided by GEMAP. This is both free and confidential.

    Direct Debit Mandate [LINK]

    Standing Order Mandate [LINK]