Management Committee

At Spire View Housing Association we do everything we can to provide a high quality service that our tenants are happy with, something we could not do without the dedication of our experienced management committee.

What is a Management Committee?

Our Management Committee is a group of volunteers (usually made up of around 15 people) including a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary and treasurer. The Management Committee have overall responsibility for the governance and strategic direction of the association. They promote and uphold Spire View Housing Association's values, set and monitor standards for service delivery and performance control Spire View's affairs and ensure compliance.

Our committee is currently made up of 11 dedicated volunteers who represent the local area and work hand in hand with the staff to make sure the communities views and ambitions are at the heart of what we do.

What does a Committee member do?

Our Committee is made up entirely of volunteers, no experience is necessary as full training is provided. Members are required to attend around 10 meetings per year as well as training sessions to learn how to be an effective committee member.

How to Join

Joining the committee is simple, all you have to do is complete a Committee Member application form and eiligiblity form (which can be found at the right hand side of this page). Alternatively you can contact Gillian Spence by emailing to find out more.

Currently at Spire View we have a dedicated team of 15 volunteers that make up our Management Committee:

Current committee members

"Joining a committee can be really daunting but Spire View offers all the support one could need to become a member and support the tenants and service users in this community."

Committee Member  Date Elected 
Charlie Lunn
Maureen Flynn
Vice Chairperson 
Clare O'Donnell

Alan Brown


Allan Stewart


Craig Allen 2020
Drew Collier 2019
Angela Heaney 2021
Rachel Cooper 2019
Geraldine Mclaughlin 2008
Rosemary Gallagher 2011
Alan Shute 2015
Florence Dioka 2009
Osamin Lamin Sidique 2021
Mary Gibson 2023