Stock Condition and Investment

Spire View is committed to ensuring that our properties are built and maintained to the very highest standard and remain sustainable and desirable. in order to achieve this, we have a very thorough and comprehensive approach to Planned maintenance i.e. replacement of elements such as kitchens, boilers, bathrooms, close decoration etc. 

Every 3 years the association undertakes a stock condition survey which provides us with important information on the condition of all out stock and this informs and drives our future investment plans. 

Our current Investment Plan can be found in the Policy header of our Documents section. 

Our next Stock Condition Survey will be undertaken towards the end of 2021/ early 2022. To ensure we get as complete a picture as possible, our appointed surveyor will need access to a number of properties. If you are requested to provide access, your co-operation in providing access will be much appreciaited. 

It is the policy of the Association that, for planned maintenace works to be progress, tenants must have no more than £300 of tenancy related debt (i.e. arrears, legal expenses and rechargeable repairs). In addition, tenants must have established and maintained a repayment arrangement for 6 months continuously.