Right to Compensation 

We don't like to see anyone leave us but if you do, you might be entitled to recieve compensation for improvements you have made to your home. Legislation introduced under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, introduced the Right to Compensation for tenants for improvements that they have made to their home on or after 30th September 2002. 

The types of improvements that qualify for compensation are listed in the table below: 

Bath, shower, WC or wash hand basin
Kitchen storage cupboards, kitchen work surfaces or kitchen sink
Space or water heating 
Thermostatic radiator valves
Insulation of pipes, water tank or cylinder (if applicable)
Installation of mechanical ventilation in bathroom or kitchen 
Lost insulation
Cavity wall insulation
Sound insulation
Draughtproofing of external doors or windows
Double glazing, secondary glazing or other window replacement
Security measures, excluding burglar alarms
Rewiring and the provision of power & lighting or other electrical fittings (including mains wired smoke detectors)

The amount of compensation that may be payable is dependant on the length of time the improvement has been in place for. Claims must be made in writing to the Association within the period starting 8 days before and 21 days after your tenancy comes to an end. 

Decoration of your home or laying floor coverings, such as laminate flooring do not qualifying for compensation. 

In order to qualify for compensation, there are certain conditions that require to be met. A full breakdown of these and an explanation of how and when to apply is detailed in our Right to Compensation Policy contained within the Documents Section