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Roystonhill Community Hub celebrates after 18 long months

After 18 long months of lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions, Roystonhill Community Hub finally had the chance to host a celebration event for all of the volunteers and digital participants who worked so hard to help out their local community and better their skills. 

Roystonhill Community Hub has worked hard over the past 2 years to continue to stay open during the pandemic and continue to deliver valuable services to the community - this is something that would not have been possible without the volunteers. They worked so hard to provide essential food parcels and support to vulnerable and struggling people in the community, so the Community Hub and Volunteer Coordinator Angie Fraser was absolutely delighted to be able to show their appreciation for all of their hard work. 

Throughout the COVID-19 restrictions Roystonhill Community Hub worked hard to continue to provide essential digital classes to the community and they also wanted to thank everyone who had put in so much hard work to better their skill set.

On Saturday the 21st August 2021 the Hub hosted a wonderful event for all of the volunteers and digital participants, hosted by the ever lovely Gary Sweeney, just to give everyone the thanks and praise they deserve. Everyone was treated to a wonderful fish tea (or vegeterian chilli), provided by The Hub on The Hill Cafe. They were then treated to a live music performance from two local musicians, sister duo, Heather Donald (18) and Eilidh Donald (15). 

Then at the end of the night everyone recieved a certificate of thanks and appreciation. 

Roystonhill Communtiy Hub posted photos of the event on their Facebook page and said: 

"Here at Roystonhill Community Hub we are incredibly proud of all our volunteers and digital participants. They have went and continue to go above and beyond to help out their local community and better their skills."

"That is why on Saturday with COVID restrictions finally being lifted we hosted an event to celebrate and thank them for all of their hard work. We want to say a big thank you to LBS Event Design & Wedding Planners for donating the chair covers we used."

"We also want to say a big thank you to Gary Sweeney, our lovely host for the evening. As well as a thank you to Pauline from The Hub on the Hill Cafe who provided everyone with a fantastic Fish Tea for dinner. A big shout out to Heather and Eilidh Donald for putting on such a wonderful performance."

"Lastly we want to give another big thank you to all of our volunteers who, throughout the last 18 months, have worked so hard to support their local community. Also to our digital participants who have worked tirelessly to improve their skills and also teach others how to use these skills in day to day life."

Well done to all of the volunteers and digital participants a Roystonhill Community Hub, we cannot wait to see what you get up to next.